Hi y'all... so just looking for some advice/insight/guidance/suggestions/support. I am 24 and recently told by two internal medicine doctors that I have lupus based on my ANA test and the following criteria:

I have had pleurisy multiple times in my life
I am anemic
Discoid rash spots
Constant redness of the bridge of my nose/cheeks (malar rash)
I get a what looks like a "break out" on my back when I am in the sun
My joints ache/swell (my knuckles, knees and ankles swell on a regular basis - mostly bothering me right before I go to sleep each night)

I recently had to resign from my global commercial real estate firm job that I loved because my manager was telling my ex boyfriend (his best friend) and some people that work in a competitor's office the details of my being out of the office/medical appointments. My COO just expected me to put up with it and continue working for this guy (even after he wrote me up for using my PTO without asking in advance)... but coming to work was hard enough due to how terrible I feel all the time and I just decided life is too short to allow horrible situations to go on (even if I did love my job very much).

I haven't started any medicines yet - I almost feel like the doctors don't know what to do next. When I went for my second opinion the internist literally said "there is no way you have lupus, that's bullcrap"... only to later wind up agreeing that he does think I have it. All of my other blood tests besides the ANA and anemia show that I am perfectly healthy.

Neither of the two doctors have decided what medicine they think is best for me - but I just started a new job and each day is getting a little harder. Are there any natural vitamins/minerals you all find very helpful? Diet suggestions? I am not overweight, I love exercising and just can't find the energy to do it most days anymore.

Thanks - sorry it was long! I welcome any comments/concerns/suggestions/advice!