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Thread: Doctors, family, friends and work bullies WATCH OUT!

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    Default Doctors, family, friends and work bullies WATCH OUT!

    Enjoy this song about how to deal with bully people:

    Brett Domino: What Would You Do (If A Shark Started Eating You)
    This song is about preparing yourself against various animal attacks, which can be translated to prepare yourself against bully attacks. Read the lyrics as you wait for the song to load. Hopefully you will get a few tips to use next time you are bullied, or at least, you can imagine your bully as one of the animals in the clip. Fast forward to 0:37 when the song starts.

    This is an official statement: I take no responsibility if you decide to perform any of these acts upon anyone who bullies you.

    Well what would you do if a shark started eating you?
    If you’re swimming around in the lake down town, and he tried to have a bit of a chew.
    Would you try to resist the massive jaws of the fish? You could loose your legs, but I suppose that’s the risk.

    Or you could just let him swallow you whole, then curl up into a ball, and when you are deep down inside, you stick a knife in its side.
    And you could crawl out alive. Or if you don’t have a knife wait for him to open his mouth and try and quickly swim out.

    They’re all potential ideas. And when the big shark appears, just be prepared, or you’ll end up ... DEAD!

    Well what would you do if a monkey started eating you?
    If you were down at the zoo, going “oh look he’s so cute", and he tried to take a bite out of you?
    I heard a monkey bit a woman’s face off, and pulled off her hands. It’s true it was in the news.

    So what would you do, if it happened to you? And you had no face or hands, it really threw your plans to be a hand and face model.

    You can’t call 999 cause you haven’t got the time, and you haven’t got hands anyway, so you’ll have to find another way.
    You can’t just scream or shout, cause the monkey ate your mouth.
    And you can’t just try and kick him or he will just chew off your legs and nick them

    I’m just trying to be realistic, so if a monkey went ballistic, you’ll be prepared, so you don’t end up ... DEAD!

    Well what would you do if a snake started eating you?
    You just sat up in the trees enjoying the breeze, and he slithers down to share the view'
    We’ll be buried from species to species, so he’ll bite you and squeeze you to death.
    Either way you’ll going get eaten. Unless you think quick. You need to grab the nearest stick and do exactly what I tell you.

    Just bash it on the head, but don’t relax because it’s not dead, it’s been temporarily stunned, you still lots time to run
    you need to take hold of its tail, that just anything covered in scales, and tie it to a tree, and then just peg it before it sees.

    I know it sounds audacious, but snakes can be really dangerous, so you’ll better be prepared, or you’ll end up ... DEAD!

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    I did try some of these things! I lived to tell about it.

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    I woke up after only 6 hours of sleep cuz the stupid power went out, taking my air conditioner with it. I've been sleeping 15+ hours a night, so I was cranky already. I stumbled, joints a-poppin', into my smoke room, feeling all selfish/guilty for calling in sick to work today. As is my daily habit, I checked email, then forum'd up. My eyes were still trying to adjust to the computer lights when I hit "play" on this video. By the time it was over they were wet from laughter tears, which is saying quite a lot coming from a Sjogren's girl. My tears are precious. So precious that I don't waste them on saddness. For some reason, I'm not a crier. Everyone tells me how cathartic it is, and how I should just cry it out, but the tears just don't come.

    They have no trouble rushing in when I'm delighted though. I have to regulate my time on to spare my Sjogren's eyes. Linda from Australia, (if we ever met, and even if we knew each other for years, you'd always be Linda from Australia to me) you made my day. Seriously, dude. The whole day. Tomorrow my eyes are going to pay for it, but today I'm sharing this video with everyone I like. Nice one, Linda from Australia. Really nice.

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    you need to go back to school

    you have too much time on your hands

    but we love you anyway.

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    Good one Linda

    Made my morning - watch out kids

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