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Thread: New from Texas, not new to Lupus

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    Default New from Texas, not new to Lupus


    I've been going under the dx of "undifferentiated" CTD essentially for about 11 years but it's been treated as Lupus. I've been on plaquenil as a disease modifying drug in that time and the rest of my meds have been solely ameliorative (pain meds, meds for various symptoms, etc.) I'm actually doing quite well but may have to come off the plaquenil soon (hope not) and wanted to check in here on that issue. I'll post about that elsewhere.

    I am married, empty nesting, have one big blind mutt furbaby, and I am getting my masters in writing and publishing stories in my free time. Which I have quite a lot of since I was rather forced into early retirement. I'm 47 and live in the Houston area.

    Let's see. Main problems are joint pain, rash, and a twisted sense of humor. I will try not to visit the latter on you too much. In fact, I probably won't be on here just a ton. But I miss the old days of and the even older days of the mailing lists of the mid-90s. Times have changed. So I am looking for a lupie home to come to now and then.

    Recently went through a miserable experience with a couple of specialists who wanted to put me on a slab apparently - for no good reason that I can tell. Long story but all in all it appears they were WRONG. Which is fine with me. I have a wonderful rheumatologist who takes good care of me.

    My amazing husband also takes good care of me and has been a blessing in this battle. A bit of a rarity in the chronic illness world, I think.

    I guess that about covers it.

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