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Thread: Help! (Warning--it's long)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgal View Post
    I have the same thing. The back of my hair stays soaking well because my body temp is so hot while my feet feel like ice cubes.
    Bonusmom, please let us know what happens at the doctor. I know that worrying about your child is the worst thing thing in the world. I hope you get the answers that you are looking for
    Tgal-the son that I referred to in this post has Raynaud's, a submucous cleft palate and hearing loss since birth, as well as other goodies. The son that is being worked up now is my eldest child-always healthy and hungry as a horse. We're awaiting test results and specialist appts. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for remembering

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    Hi BonusMom,
    I'm glad to see you here again. Don't you have any answers on your son yet? How is he feeling/

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    I just wanted to update really quick while I have a free moment. Today started AWFUL. Our cat knocked the meloxicam off of the counter and since it was in a glass bottle (why glass, idk? It's not the 1950s!) the bottom of the bottle broke, and most of the medicine ended up on the floor. I was able to salvage a small bit of it. The pharmacies here do not carry this med. and have to order it, but they could not override the insurance, so ins. won't cover a refill until Aug. 14th. So, I took the bottle to the pharmacy to have them check what was left, to see if it was safe.

    They transferred it to another bottle and gave it back to me. Guess how much I was able to save?! Right down to the mL the exact amount to last until our next refill!!!!!! 15 days worth!!!

    I am also on pins and needles today, because I called the Dr. this morning to have them fax the bloodwork results to me today, because I just do not want to wait another week until the appointment next Thurs. The results should be here any time. I pray that we get some answers from it, or that everything looks great. I will try to update tonight with what I find out.
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