Hi I am a 50 yr old man with lupus. I was diagnosed 15 months ago, up until then I did not have a regular doctor and my medical history basically consisted of having had my toncils out when I was 7. I went to a ear doctor because I had developed tinnitus from exposure to loud noises at work and it was starting to interfere with my ability to sleep, he had some blood work done without mentioning lupus and when the results came in he referred me to a ruhemy. I quite often wear safety glasses and a respirator at work,and would break out occasionally on the exposed skin(which is basically in the classic butterfly shape) which I always assumed was from chemical exposure. I have suffered from aches and pains for many years which I always thought was due to the physical nature of my job. I have always been very sensitive to the sun-extreme reactions to minimal exposures , but so was my father and I always thought this was due to my Irish ancestry.
I now have 2 doctors I see regularly and a full page list of medications most of which I cannot pronounce.
I'm still sorting out what is lupus related and what is old age and job related. Every middle aged construction worker I know has aches and pains- cement fishers have bad knees and backs ,drywall rockers have neck problems ,carpenters and electricians have finger and wrist problems etc.
I noticed here as with other sites I have visited not much male participation,I have learned a great deal by visiting as I'm sure many others have even if we do not actively participate.
I thank those of you who do for your for your efforts and sharing.