I have a dilema and hoping someone could help~
The consultants my daughter saw last week mentioned to me about getting my daughter's vaccines updated, especially the MMR. My daughter never had the MMR due to the bad publicity.
However, they mentioned that I did this soon before she has to start on the stronger meds. But it doesn't sound right to me... surely a child/or anyone with this autoimmune disease shouldn't receive live vaccines because of the very nature of the disease?!
I'm just getting to grips with it all and how the immune system affects/attacks the body, but the little I've learnt so far strongly indicates that live vaccines would complicate the immune system further? But this would mean that the advice that 2 consultants gave me is wrong?
Does anyone know anything about this at all? Are there any medically recognised websites which could give some direction on this?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!