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Thread: SLE and Live Vaccines!

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    Default SLE and Live Vaccines!


    I have a dilema and hoping someone could help~
    The consultants my daughter saw last week mentioned to me about getting my daughter's vaccines updated, especially the MMR. My daughter never had the MMR due to the bad publicity.
    However, they mentioned that I did this soon before she has to start on the stronger meds. But it doesn't sound right to me... surely a child/or anyone with this autoimmune disease shouldn't receive live vaccines because of the very nature of the disease?!
    I'm just getting to grips with it all and how the immune system affects/attacks the body, but the little I've learnt so far strongly indicates that live vaccines would complicate the immune system further? But this would mean that the advice that 2 consultants gave me is wrong?
    Does anyone know anything about this at all? Are there any medically recognised websites which could give some direction on this?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Joy,

    Here's an added link with more info incase it helps you. Terry

    (If you scroll to What are the symptoms of lupus?) you'll find it there about vaccines.
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    I have been told by my doctors at Childrens to NEVER get the live vaccines, or anything that you get up the nose (there's a nasal flu vaccine). I know because I get the flu vaccine every year and I have asked before if I got it anywhere other than my rheumy at Childrens because we are not supposed to get live vaccines because they can make us more sick. I would ask for another opinion.

    •Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine - This is a live vaccine and it is recommended that people with Lupus do NOT get this vaccine, contact with the diseases should be avoided, family members and those you come into contact with regularly getting vaccinated can help protect you Especially look at the bottom of the page
    "A bad cold wouldn't be so annoying if it weren't for the advice of our friends."~ Kin Hubbard

    Diagnosed: SLE, Raynauds, InterstitialLung Disease, GERD, Myositis, Vasculitis, Possible Sjogrens.
    Medications: 400mg Plaquenil, 2000mg Cellcept, 10mg Norvasc, Nitroglycerin Patch, 20mg Prilosec, 10mg Flexeril, 4mg Medrol, 81mg Asprin.

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    LFA suggests that all people get vaccines UNLESS they are on steroids or any other immunosepressent medicines. As was mentioned by ritz, live virus' should not be taken but, thankfully, most vaccines have a non live version

    10. Are there any vaccines a child with lupus shouldn't get and how do you feel about the new HPV vaccine? Centerville, TN

    Generally, we advocate vaccinations for all of our patients with SLE. The exception usually is if the person is on significant immunosuppression (such as high dose steroids, medicines like methotrexate, azathioprine, cytoxan or mycophenolate), then that person should avoid any vaccinations that are live viruses. Examples are the chicken pox (varicella) vaccination, measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccination, or the nasal influenza vaccination (FluMist).

    As for the HPV vaccination (Gardisil), a recent report from Chicago looking at the vaccination in SLE patients did not reveal any increase adverse effects and it seems to be safe. I have been recommending separating this set of shots from the meningitis (Menactra) vaccination if possible just to make sure there are no unusual reactions or ill effects.

    Here is a GREAT link that sets out all of the different vaccine recomendations

    List of Vaccines
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    You should print all of this info out and take it with you to the docs, and then see what they say.
    My son had a severe reaction to the pertussis vaccine, so then he and his siblings had to get the DT rather than the DPT.
    I had to carry the doctor's notes in with me and educate every doc and nurse that we dealt with. It was no fun, but I didn't want to have another baby have a high fever and convulsion like Tom did.
    Good luck.

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    I am an adult, I never had chicken pox's and I have heard some bad things about the shots. I guess its up to her doctor. Good Luck

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