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Thread: Chemotherapy and Lupus

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    Default Chemotherapy and Lupus

    Hi there all,
    I was just wondering why some people that have Lupus go through chemothereapy? and does it help them?

    As well, does anyone have any off hte market methods of helping deal with the pain?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Bianca;

    Chemo can be needed when lupus is causing severe problems - kidney or brain or lung or other issues. It can help bring the condition under control, which is the link I've put in here, has a brief Q/A on chemo and the varying types.

    As far as the pain, well, I take fish oil twice a day (has anti-inflamatory effects, lots of good omegas as well). Also fresh ground flax seed, a teaspoon of turmeric mixed in and a teaspoon of ginger mixed in. That's part of my breakfast every day. Flax is also high in omegas, turmeric and ginger are both antiinflamatories and help with pain. Trust me, it is an acquired taste... I believe they help me have less pain. Always a good idea to ask your rheumy if such is OK for you.

    Mild exercise can help stiff joints, again with your doc's approval. And... a massage therapist who knows that you have lupus and works gently with you can be heaven sent. Deep tissue massage is NOT a good idea - it will make you ache for days. But a medium/light theraputic massage? AH! relief!

    I once heard a quote "a long hot bath is a waste of neither time nor hot water." I believe it! Add bubbles, some oatmeal in a mesh bag or old nylon (for skin softening) and some soft music - and you have a recipe for a wonderful afternoon. Also a good pain relief!

    Hugs dear, and I hope at least one of these ideas works well for you!

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