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Thread: Things are getting worse and now I feel my GP isnt on my side

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    Giggle...i am pleased your MRI came back clear which is a really good thing mate.

    My muscles became different after my strokes, then i was refered onto a rheumo who was a (MR) in his field did 20 miniture scans under an MRI
    machine found out i had spondalitis and my spine disfigured from birth and while checking me, told me i had muscle wastage well i was shocked he measured my legs and confirmed it and i was only 24 at the time.
    Sometimes when i walked before being diagnosed with Lupus my hubby used to say when you walk you look like someone p'ed up wobbling over the place besides my knees twisting in at times and when they diagnosed me and said i had sjogren's, which besides your eyes and dryness to the gullet causes muscle wastage paralization to the face which feels like you've had a stroke i soon mentioned this to the sister up the hospital because i thought OH MY GOD not another stroke and she said sjogren's paralises the face and works through the limbs and then the blood specialist said it was showing strong in my blood and as time goes on your skin tightens to the point where trying to smile will hurt.

    Giggle... besides the sjogrens if it is that fully doing the muscles, when i had my strokes my gp came rushing into the home eyeing my mom and i told him anything to say, say it infront of me and he said we've got to pull Terry off the phenytoin which is for epilepsy as it's giving her muscle over the years besides Doctor's having a good old mess around with my body i had this sjogren's and never knew it and as my muscles get worse, spasms hurt my legs like mad.

    I still think there's furthur issues which have'nt been told me and it gets me mad at times.
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