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Thanks so much for all the replies you are so very kind and helpful!!

On my left hand, I also cannot make a fist, due to the stiffness in my fingers. My left hand is much worse. Like you, although I get pain elsewhere, legs, feet, back, neck and also pelvis (I have an upslip of the sacro-illiac joint), my hands and fingers are much much worse. My ability to use them well has definately decreased, which is upsetting as I am an artist at heart and spend alot of time digital scrapbooking. Have started to struggle doing this now, I cannot use a mouse anymore at all. Too much pain.

I had my chest x-ray yesterday and have an appointment on Friday at the nurses clinic to get started on MTX so all is heading in the right direction.


Have they stated what the chest x-ray is for??...please let we know friday your results please. xxx