I was diagnosed with Lupus nearly 3 years ago. (Ro and La positive) and have struggled with it ever since. I was finally weaned off predisalone in May this year after 2 years. Still on Plaquenil 400mg a day for the Lupus. (plus alot of other meds!!)

For a few months now though my hand pains have been worsening, my left wrist is so painful to the touch, swollen and when I wake up the first thing I feel is that I want to cry. My middle finger on my left hand (PIP joint I believe) is very swollen and purple and basically my hands are useless for anything except to cause me pain. I had my clinic appointment on 24th June and my rheumy said that the swelling and hand problems were of concern for him and that he didnt think Lupus was causing it. He took more tests and said he may have to think of putting me on a different medication to treat the hands.
A letter came yesterday and it had a new part under my diagnosis. Inflammatory Arthritis of the hands. I was gobsmacked, didn't really expect that. I had just thought that my worsening hand pains were just another Lupus thing. Not really sure how to deal with this new thing.

Rheumy has booked me in for a chest x-ray on Monday and results allowing, he will start me on methotrexate. I have heard lots of scary things about this drug and so was wondering if anyone here has any experience with it. Also does anyone else have a secondary diagnosis besides the Lupus? How do you deal with it? The Lupus has taken over my life since my diagnosis and now this new thing on top which is already disibilitating me around my daily life. I feel like my husband will get beyond fed up of all my mounting illnesses and just..leave..
Im scared now that my hands will just continue to deteriorate and end up deformed.... I am scared that this will affect how well I can do things with my kids...
I just dont know how to deal with any of it and could be doing with a friendly ear. xx