Ok so my husband and I went to my Rheumy on Monday and he says to me, you DON"T have Lupus!!! Im like WTF, we've been down this past before. In December he clearly said you're ANA test came back positive this is all I was waiting for to start treatment for LUPUS, since then everything has been ok except last month he told me I didn't have lupus, I was blank for a moment, really didn't know what to say. I mean geez who realy wants to have this horrible thing? Going backwards a little bit, that same day in Dec that he diagnosed me I went to see a female rheumy who does Lupus research, the first day she saw me she said who cares what we call it we have to treat it and put me on plaquenil, i love this female doctor but she's in town, I have to pay parking the copay and not to mention its a LONG wait to see her. The male rheumy I currently see its in my neighborhood and has evening hours and short wait time. So he's more convenient, which is what I told him when he told me why didn't I stay with the female doctor then! Anyway I scheduled another apt with the female dr and after waiting two hours to see her, she sits looks at my chart, and says to me IS HE CRAZY, WHY DOES HE SAY YOU DONT' HAVE IT WHEN CLEARLY YOU HAVE SLE. I mean it was sort of bitter sweet, I wanted someone to validate my symptoms and not make me seem crazy, on the other hand I want to wish this desease away. My husband was there with me, as he is really hoping all this is a big mistake. He asked her what made her call the diagnosis, the labs? She says its a combination of both, from the minute she heard that I had pleuritis that was almost enough to diagnose she said. She didn't want to count the criterias, she said she didn't care if I only had 3.5, which obviously there are so many more, she said I have SLE. She also told me don't wait another 6 months to see her again, she wants to see me in 6 weeks.

How do I go about telling my first Rheumy I don't want to see him anymore, do I owe him that? He's really not terrible, and despite the fact that hes made me think Im crazy for the last two months, I like him and he's really thorough, I also think he does have my best interest at heart. Im just not comfortable trusting him with my life anymore.