Hi. Like many of you here, I came here thinking I had Lupus. I had most of the symptoms. I obtained full recovery from sun sensitivity, rashy itchy skin, and some stomache problems by eliminating soy from my diet, and topical urine therapy (for fungal elimination). This brought me below the amount of symptoms needed to conclude "lupus".

What I still have is tendon pain. My thoughts are that if soy was causing it, I would be recovering now. That is not the case. My 1 sister of 4 who happens to have been a health nut like me just notified me of her being diagnosed with degenerative joint disease. Enter the common factor: Silicon! But that's not all I found.. Keep reading!

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Silicon in Supplements and Pharmaceuticals

Do Additives in Health Food Supplement and Pharmaceutical Tablets Make us Ill?

Silicon-Induced Contracture Syndrome

by Ivan Fraser

This article documents the authorís findings and his observations of how his own Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia symptoms directly correlated with his intake of supplements and pharmaceuticals containing silicon dioxide.

Silicone Toxicity: Symptoms and Illnesses

Diseases and Illnesses Associated with Silicone Toxicity:

  • * Systemic Lupus Erythamotosis

    * Scleroderma

    * Fibromyalgia

    * Raynaud's Phenomenon

    * Sjogren's Sydrome

    * Arthritis

    * Myasthenia Gravis

    * Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    * Chronic Pain Management

    * Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    * Sarcoidosis

    * Connective Tissue Disease (atypical or unspecific)

    * Multiple Sclerosis

    * Cancer - squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, and lymphoma

    * Levido reticularis vasculitis

  • * Chronic Fatigue lasting longer than six months and for no apparant reason

    * Myalgia (Inflammation and muscle pain), initially in the anterior chest, back, and neck (pain may radieate beyond these areas), tendonitis, bursitis, and polymyositis

    * Arthralgia (Joint pain and swelling) Stiffness worse in the morning, synovitis (inflammation of membrane lining the joint)

    * Lymphadenopathy (Swollen lymph nodes) in the chest, ncek, underarms, and groin

    * Low-grade fever (100-101 degrees)

    * Gastrointestinal symptoms, including cramping, diahhrea, constipation, nausea, vomitting, difficulty swallowing and other digestive dysfunction

    * Generalized weakness and malaise, decreased libido

    * Voice changes, usually deeper and hoarse

    * Dry eyes, mouth, and vagina

    * Frequent and severe headaches - vascular, muscular, or both often including nausea and vomitting

    * Loss of Teeth - decay along gumline, lose teeth from no obvious cause

    * Ulcers in mouth, inflamed tongue and taste buds

    * Urinary Tract Disorders - Bladder problems, including interstitial cystitis (chronic inflammation of the bladder), frequent urination in the absence of infection, bladder incontinence, and kidney stones

    * Sinus irritation and congestion

    * Neuropathies - both Central and Peripheral - numbness and altered sensation in the body, polyneuritis, sensory loss, pain, twitiching, numbness and tingling in extremities.

    * Dermatological disorders - Skin rashes,- skin becoming thick, thight, and tough in appearance

    * Pulmonary disorders such as chronic cough, shortness of breath, pulmonary fibrosis (scarring and thickening of lung tissue), pleural effusion (accumulation of fluid between the membrane lining of the lung and chest cavity), recurrent pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic asthma, and frequent pleurisy

    * Night sweats, hot flashes, cold chills

    * Depression and thoughts of giving up or of suicide, increased anxiety

    * Cysts on various body organs including the liver, ovaries, kidney, spleen, and brain.

    * Dizziness, loss of balance, disorientation

    * Cognitive difficulties, difficulty concentrating, memory loss [especially short term], and speech difficulties (slurred and/or stuttered)

    * Granulomas on various organs including liver, lungs, etc.

    * Cholecystitis (gall bladder disease) often gall stones are present

    * Heptatological Disorders, Toxic cirrhosis, non-specific hepatitis, liver cysts

    * Transischemic Attacks; strokes

    * Intolerance to Extreme Temperature Changes, sensitivity to cold especially in extremities, heat intolerance often causing heat exhaustion

    * Seizures

    * Sleep disorders - insomnia, unrestorative sleep pattern

    * Gynocological problems - abnormal menses, miscarrages

    * Alopecia - Significant hair loss

    * Increased allergic responses and increased sensitivity to chemicals

    * Susceptibility to infections - both bacterial and fungal

    * Slow to heal from wounds and/or surgeries

    * Cardiac and Circulatory Disorders - arhythmias palpitations, tachycardia, mitral valve prolapse, vasospasm, vasculitis, and anemia,

    * Systemic sclerosis

    * Opthalmologic problems - night blindness, blurred vision, frequent Rx change, and scliritis

    * Tinnitis (ringing in the ears)

    * Abnormal thyroid function including hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

    * Sexual dysfunction


More Silicone evidence:

"Scientific Evidence Proves Silicone Breast Implants can Produce Autoimmune Illnesses" is a well-written history of The Breast Implant Controversy Including Medical Research Findings.


Symptom List:

  • arthritis, both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis;
    high cholesterol;
    congestive heart failure;
    high blood pressure;
    low blood sugar;
    chronic fatigue;
    all forms of IBS, Crohn's, colitis, celiac;
    chronic candida, repeated gut pathogen infections;
    malabsorption syndromes;
    failure to thrive;
    autoimmune diseases such as thyroiditis, lupus, MS, Parkinson's;
    dementia, Alzheimer's;
    cancer, several types including breast;
    hypercortisolemia and hypocortisolemia;
    adrenal insufficiency;
    post viral syndrome;
    post traumatic stress syndrome;
    post polio syndrome;
    hormonal imbalances including low testosterone, low DHEA, PMS, and peri-menopausal symptoms and PCOS.


You're not sick, you are just thirsty!!!!!

a few signs of water dehydration:

  • feeling tired
    feeling flushed
    feeling dejected
    feeling heavy headed
    irresistible cravings

    more sever cases:
    type 2 diabetes
    autoimmune diseases

    emergency indicators:
    dyspeptic ulcers
    anginal pain
    lower back pain (kidneys)
    rheumatoid arthritis
    migraine headaches
    colitis pain
    morning sickness during pregnancy

More alternative health info? -I post more here:


Personal Comments

-I don't know how in the world doctors could think this is a disease that should be cured by drugs when it's growing in spectrum as it is. Everything I research points to poisons which leads to our symptoms! If it were a disease; why is there no fool proof test for it? I took my health into my own hands; and feel I'm recovering. There are many natural cures out there that the pharmaceutical industry will suppress. History demonstrates this with Scurvy, and Pellagra.