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Looks like the tables are turning! Now daughters are giving their mothers weekly allowances (;

You seriously need to get out of that bank, it sounds horrible. She needs a much better bank with good customer service, you're definitely right about that.

There's so many stupid scam artists out there..I feel so sorry for all those innocent old women who fall for them! An acquaintance of mine had their grandmother send $2000 dollars to mexico, because some horrible person called her on the phone pretending to be her grandson, saying it was urgent and she couldn't tell anyone. Sigh.
I'm glad she has you to look out for her though - even if she is driving you up the wall right now (:
Good job though! I know it's hard, so i've got major props for you for pushing through it.
Fingers crossed on your new job interview, but i hope you get the old one you interviewed for.
I'm pulling for ya!
I'm getting mom out this morning and moving her to a credit union. I've talked to a lot of people who do NOT like that particular bank. No one has ever said anything good about it. If anyone wants to know which bank it is so they know who to stay away from, send me a personal message. I don't want to broadcast it here.
Funny you should mention the Mexico scam. Last month my mom got the exact same phone call! Fortunately she didn't send any money but when she FINALLY told me about it I had a hard time convincing her that it was a scam and NOT my son. She was told NOT to tell me because he didn't want to upset me. The story was that he and his wife had gone down to mexico for a wedding, got stinking drunk, hit someone and was sent to jail and that he didn't want me to know he and his wife were drunk. First of all, she's pregnant. Second of all , the weekend in question, Cody was in town here for Army Guard Drill. I personally saw him. She finally believed me. I'm glad she didn't send any money. That's part of the not agreeing to anything without checking with me first. I'm not trying to be mean to her, I'm looking out for her and protecting her.
The headache with mom won't end today after we switch banks. She has a couple of creditors she'll need to call and let them know they will have to wait until next month for payment. As mom says "you can't get blood from a turnip". I never liked that phrase. Totally turned me off turnips. But you know what it means. So starting September (geez that sounds like forever away) she'll have this mess all behind her and smoother sailing.