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Thread: How do you manage your physical pain?

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    Earlier this week I could've drowned. For real. The sun and sky disappeared and I was tumbling in a washing machine of darkened water without knowing which was was up. After what felt like an eternity when I finally popped up, lungs bursting, I realized my feet were cut from the reef, my skeg cut my thigh and now I have several new bruises. However, I'm still here! The pain reminded me to be thankful for all the wonderful things in life..and days I don't get hurt.. I couldve been under another goshdarned minute and blacked out and not been here writing this today. Im lucky just to have a few scrapes, bumps and aches.
    When it comes to the RA- the pain is constant, Im on painkillers all the time. I can't live without ibuprofen, need to take the edge off. Sometimes I do feel irritated but try to distract myself with music, exercise, reading, last resort- stronger pills and sleep- just being honest here.
    I saw something beautiful this week- a pair of Hawaiian monk seals on the beach. They're endangered, about 1200 left. Most people have never seen them in the wild. I feel privileged have enjoyed their company and wanted to share them with you (my new avatar).

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