I live in a house that does not allow the street or driveway to be seen from the living room. I'm married to an excop. For security reasons and just plain handy, hubby has installed a camera with a monitor set up next to the tv so we can see the street and whatever or whoever is in the driveway. This was especially handy when the kids were little as they could ride their bikes and I could stay inside and still keep and eye on them. Although the neighbors did think it was strange that they'd ride by and wave at the house...
Anyhow, I digress.

Today, I was attempting to relax in the livingroom when I saw someone walk up the driveway. I had no idea who it was until my husband walked in the door. That freaked me out because I have no idea why I didn't notice his vehicle in the driveway, nor did I recognize that it was him. Total and complete brain fart. Until he came home, mine was the only car in the driveway and I recognized that, yet I didn't think to notice his big SUV??
That has NEVER happened before and I pray never does again.