Since this group has been so much more helpful than my (former) rheumy, can someone please help explain these blood tests. Yes, I know I have Lupus, but wondering if I should start freaking out, as I am planning on leaving for Europe on a business trip a week from today and rheumy gave the OK. All abnormal blood tests:

ACL IGG-65.6 (low medium positive; 80 is high positive)
ACL IGM-12.4 (intermediate)
Anti DNA-953.3 (off the charts positive)
ANA-Positive (duh)
Histone IGG-3.7 (strong positive)

I am freaking out over DVT based on the ACL scores, even though I had a Scan in January that came back normal, additionally I have compression socks and will wear them and drink lots of water and take baby aspirin. Any additional recommendations would be appreciated.

Trying to stay off starting the Plaquinel until I return due to its side effects. I need to be in top shape for this trip.

Thank you for letting me vent.