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Thread: I am pregnant.

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    I am curious about how your lupus is with your pregnant? Did you doctor take you off of most your medications? I look at mine and most say you can't take them while pregnant so thats why i'm curious. From very early in my disease my doctor constantly told me(I was a teenager at the time) that I need to be a lot more careful because a pregnancy would just not be healthy for me. So now that i'm getting older(22) I try to get as much information from others who are pregnant and already have lupus.

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    Hi there Mica! I have been BLESSED with having birthed 2 children. However with THAT being said, I wouldnt have been this FORTUNATE IF I wouldnt have gotten pregnant yrs BEFORE my autoimmune diseases "kicked in" to full gear/diagnosed and caused me serious health issues. My Gynocologist (also OBGYN) has told me that Im lucky to have had my children at 17yrs and 22 yrs of age because of WHERE my illnesses have landed my body TO DATE. I had to have "exploratory surgery" over 1 yr ago due to some serious problems I was having. During it my Dr. discovered that with the state of my uterus and some other things found (due to all my inflammation/heath issues) I WOULD NOT have been able to carry children. She said its in BAD SHAPE and by the looks of it and how long Ive had serious health problems its been this way for a few yrs. The CHILD BEARING YEARS as they call them. I FEEL SO LUCKY and I KNOW I AM SO LUCKY. At 17yrs of age with the FEAR I felt being pregnant in high school I NEVER would have dreamdt that it was truely a BLESSING in DISGUISE. If you read up about Lupus and pregnancy you will find that alot of women GET their diagnosis during the child bearing yrs BECAUSE of thier disheartening trials and tribulations of trying to get pregnant AND trying to STAY PREGNANT. SO SAD and SO SORRY for these women. MY HEART GOES OUT TO THEM ALL............Also as your Dr said IT would BE HARD for you as well due to the CHANGES you go through. STRESSES your body is put through equals FLARE. I AM thinking of YOU and wishing YOU the BEST!

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