hi All

My PCP recently suggested lupus as a possibility for me and I had my bloodwork drawn today. I'm learning about the symptoms and trying to learn what I can to make good decisions.

I have other conditions...chiari malformation and ehlers danlos...both cause pain and chiari causes fatigue. My joints have become an issue which is what is leading my PCP in this direction, as they seem to be affected by much more than the ehlers danlos.

One symptom I've had for many years is severe bone pain. It's not constant. It comes and stays for a few days a few times a month and it is horrible. No doc has ever had an answer when it comes to this particular symptom.

I've read about the joint and muscle pain, and I'm wondering if any of you experience this bone pain. It's definitely in the bones (not muscle) and mostly the long bones. My forearms and my shins are the most frequent place for the pain, sometimes the bones in my thighs and sometimes my upper arms. And when it's in my forearms, many times it shoots into my wrists and hands.

Anyone else??
Thanks in advance
Leslie in Pittsburgh