First of all, thanks in advance for letting me rant. I feel like I'm about to fall apart right now.

I'm at that wonderful age when I am still dealing with a teenager, yet I have an elderly mom to take care of.

Daughter's vehicle broke down last night at the gas station. It has an alarm system that disables the battery when the battery dies. Hubby put a new battery in it but can't get the disabling feature to knock it off so for the meantime, I'm chauffeur, which I don't mind as it means time with daughter however hubby can get it fixed soon.

Mom has screwed up her checkbook royally and I spent 3 hours at the bank today trying to fix it. Mom was also having automatic payments to all kinds of stuff that she shouldn't have so I got over $270 worth of unnecessary monthly bills removed for her. Big win there and I found a way to save her big $ on her car insurance too. I'm rather proud of myself for that.

So what's the problem? Mom needs me to take care of her financial issues, daughter needs me to be a rock and a wealth of knowledge and guidance, hubby is still recovering from dislocating his shoulder and is back to work 3/4 time so needs (wants) me to take care of him when he's home. I'm also pupsitting daughter's 6 month old beagle/dachshund while she's at work. Love him to pieces but he is a puppy with all the energy that goes with it. Lupus, of course, is demanding my attention as well. I'm applying for jobs every time I see anything I'm remotely qualified for, the one that was supposed to start tomorrow got pushed back until the end of next month.

Everybody wants a piece of me. Everybody expects me to be a wealth of knowledge and a pillar of strength. Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be when they want me to be it.

I can't say no to my mom, she really hasn't a clue about finances as today proved. My daughter needs me now more than ever as she's on the edge of screwing up her life royally and I want to do all I can for her. She's my baby girl. My hubby will just have to deal.