Back in August I had a horrible experience with my tooth being abbsess (sp). I was in emergancy because suddenly one day I just was in extreme pain, the Dr's said it was because of the prednisone and my body not fighting infection proper. So they gave me antibiotics and then later that week I had a root canel done etc. etc.

I have been off prednisone now for a couple months but the past few days I've had a little bit of pain near another one of my back molars (the abbsess from August was a molar). I am young to have these problems with my teeth the dentist had said and I'm begining to think its another tooth in need of a root canal. Has anyone else had trouble with their teeth due to lupus?

Also, when I was at the dentist I had told him I was high risk of blood clots and he just shrugged it off- isn't that something that a dentist should be concerned about??

I just really hope this is a earache or something minor because I don't want to have any extra pain over the holidays!!

(One more thing... the sore tooth area(which could be my ear too i suppose?) only comes mainly near dinner/night...and isnt hot or cold sensitive... ahh im confussed!!)