Oh yay fellow vampire diaries fan! Damon is awesome isn't he?

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I LOVE BOTH!! Team Damon & Team Eric! Been waiting sooo long for TB to come back and got into VD while I was waiting. Its finally back but I like to watch more than one at a time so I'm trying really really hard not to watch the first episode (S4)... You just made it that little bit harder :P lol
High five! Damon is hot!! Hope you'll catch up soon, the conclusion was a shocker. :O Nope, don't watch True Blood. I don't have time for tv these days.

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I am a HOPE TO DIE VAMPIRE DIARIES FANATIC!!! I am sooooo Team Damon. Unfortunately, I was out of town for the last three episodes and forgot to tell my TiVo to keep them. When I got home, they were gone. So, I am in the process of catching up on Hulu.
So, if you like Vampire Diaries...do you watch TRUE BLOOD?? Here, again, I am hopelessly addicted.