Hi missfearless and everyone! This is my first post here.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 lupus nephritis when I was 12 so been living with it so far for about 7 years now and definitely had my ups and downs. Currently, my doctors say I am in 'remission' or rather it is stable at the moment. In response to your question about diet.. there is no proven right foods that you ought to eat to 'cure' lupus. Since, i'm told there is no cure. I have had varied opinions on what I can eat or not eat. A doctor even said I could eat anything after when I was heading to remission. Mum always says doctors aren't gods which is true. However, it doesnt mean you dont listen to them either. The main thing is to take all the medication but obviously you dont want the side effects. So, I guess whatever I wanted to try with my diet in the past, I always checked with the doctor to make sure its compatible with the medication i am on -the safest way is to go all natural even with vitamins. So, diet will probably be different for everyone, but i've always tried to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Of course, reduction of salt intake, lots and lots of water, lots of fruit and vege, I have a lot of gluten-free foods because personally I find wheat makes my stomach bloated (thats different with everyone). So, listen to what your body tells you.

It's not just diet though, exercise plays such a large role which was constantly emphasised especially when I can be a bit of stress-head. So I exercise daily to thepoint its become a routine overtime.

Hope that helps. I am currently taking 2000mg of mycophenolate twice daily. I have been on immuran and prednisone and other steroids at one point but that was reduced gradually.