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Thread: Diagnosed Yesteday-So many questions and so nervous

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    Hi Frank, everyone has pretty much said it all. Read and learn, post your feelings, we all help each other. I'm going to find out about my breathing problems tomorrow. I can't breathe deeply without coughing, Check with the state or local lupus foundation about rheumies.

    Welcome to WHL

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    I would say if you weren't diagnosed based on a massive event... you are pretty safe for a long term happy life with mild lupus : )

    Like everyone else said, plaquenil is a mild drug that is useful in warding off possible issues later on. Plus it will help slightly with fatigue and joint pain. While you are on it it may not seem all that helpful, but trust me, when you go off after taking it... you quickly realise it helps : )
    Life expectancy is normally only an issue with major organ involvement. Something plaquenil can help to prevent developing, in theory.

    I work full time with a much more 'inhibiting' (dont like to say disabling lol) form of lupus, so I think your job will be safe, so will your travel : ) Just make sure you get heaps of rest, avoid excess stress, slip slop slap and try to live a healthy life.

    I'm sure everyone prior to me has already said, that lupus isn't a death sentence and doesn't need to alter your major life plans at all. Be sun smart, get heaps of rest and heaps of exercise. Eat healthy and try to stay away from preservatives (but then everyone should anyway). I find preservatives and artificial colours seem to make my lungs worse. I also have a gluten free diet but I expect this arvo I will be coming back from the docs to hear I am gluten intolerant from my tests anyway. But hey, every little bit counts right? The best advice I have ever received on here is stick to your meds no matter how challenging taking them seems, or no matter how you feel they do nothing. Talk to your doc if you feel they make no improvement.

    It is good to see another man here : ) Not because it is good you have lupus, but it is good you have sought out a support group : ) Not only will it help you, but you can certainly help us, sharing information and giving us another perspective on everything.

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    Hi Frank,

    Like Nonna you've had the best advice given you from the member's refering flying and i hope it works out well for you.

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