So glad to find an active forum like this-

Quick Background-
35 YO Male, married with three year old son that just bought a new house in Michigan. I am the primary bread winner, although my wife works full time and provides the family insurance. Since college, I have aches and pains in my shoulders, fingers and chest and frequent migraines-not to mention always tired. Told my doctor I thought it was lupus and he (of course) said it wasn't-even with a positive ANA test.

This past January, i was talking on the phone and could barely get out a sentence. I just couldn't take a deep breath. Went to the emergency room with a D-Dimer score through the roof. After ensuring I didn't have a clot-sent home with an anxiety diagnosis. Anxiety and trouble breathing was coming and going (with the help of medicine). Went on my own to a rheumy and-of course-felt fine that day. He said I was crazy and but took blood work to be safe.

Yesterday I get a call that my Double Standard DNA was positive (wouldn't say how high) and gave me the news I was long expecting, but didn't want to hear-probably have lupus.

Now here is where I need your help based on your expertise.

Doctor wants to put me on Plaquenil? I told him I feel fine, except for trouble taking deep breaths and that is usually solved with a couple of Motrin. He then said to stay on the motrin as needed and we can revisit in three months. Do you think I should take the Plaquenil to prevent any major damage or just stay on the motrin for now?

What about adding baby aspirin to diet?

Speaking of diet-any foods I should add/avoid?

I fear, being the bread winner, of not being able to support my family. Has anyone been successful in getting some time of life/long term care insurance since being initially diagnosed?

I currently work a full time job that requires around 15% out of town travel-Have any of you been able to maintain a full time workload after diagnosis? Much I read on Google shows many people being forced to quit their job around 5 years after diagnosis.

Finally, life expectancy-we want to have another child, is this a mistake?

I realize no-one has the definitive answers to these questions, but any input you could provide is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,