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    I've been reading this forum for about a week now and feel comfortable to register and post. I am anxiously awaiting my first rheumatologist appt, but it's not until Aug. I am on a cancellation list tho.

    My PCP gave me a referral a few weeks ago after the exacerbation of symptoms. When she did bloods last summer, she said my ANA indicated further testing, but it did r/o Lupus, sceleroderma, and Lyme's. But overall I was feeling so-so except for some tender spots which she dx'ed as fibromyalgia. She prescribed 60 mgs of Cymbalta - for depression as well as pain.

    Over the last year since that initial appt. I've been getting stranger and stranger symptoms that warranted looking into. Since they were happening bilaterally, I knew RA or PA fit. Joint pain, esp. hands, feet, wrists, and elbows. Now the knees are starting to bother me. So I went back to her a few weeks ago. She noticed something on my feet as I was wearing sandals and that's when she said that she thought I would need to see a rheumy.

    Being in the medical field, I know enough to be dangerous and then Google does the rest. I know that RA, PA, and Lupus have many symptoms in common, but there are a few that are lupus specific. I have the very faint butterfly rash which I can just make out and it gets worse when I am in the sun or am blushing. I also have rashes that come and go on the inside of my arm from wrist to elbow.

    As far as I'm concerned this appt cannot come soon enough. Two years ago I started with horrible psoriasis (or what we think is psoriasis) on the right side of my scalp and back of neck. The summer of '09 was emotionally the pits for me since my dad was in the last few weeks of his life and then died in the fall. It seemed to then trigger all sorts of extremely weird things. I ended up going to PCP a year ago because I was due to be married for the second time in July of '10 and felt like crap - - emotionally and physically. Cymbalta helped tremendously.

    So I have been a mess off and on since then. Hands and wrists, feet and ankles, some edema, the rashes, the flu like feelings, and now the knees.

    Anywho, long-winded hello and now I must scarper off to my own little corner of the medical field and see what's what at our clinic.

    I hope to be an active and contributing member.
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