When I was at my sickest, before I was diagnosed with anything, I had one episode of vision loss. I didn't lose my entire field of vision, but it did seem like most of it was gone. I was at a large department store with my mother, trying to pretend there was nothing wrong with me, and suddenly started seeing this huge dark space in front of my eyes. I had to sit down on a display for 10-15 minutes, because I couldn't see anything. Thankfully, my vision returned completely. It was terrifying, and it's hard for me to believe I forgot about it until now. At the time I wasn't experiencing any edema which might account for the temporary vision loss.

Do people tend to experience the same symptoms during repeat flares? When I was really bad I had arthralgias, hives, inability to eat, sweats, extreme fatigue, a rash, and the one time visual disturbance. The others are bad enough, but losing my sight for even such a short period of time was terrifying. Has anyone else experienced loss of vision? Do you think it is likely to happen again during a flare, since it happened to me before?