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    Default repeat symptoms?


    When I was at my sickest, before I was diagnosed with anything, I had one episode of vision loss. I didn't lose my entire field of vision, but it did seem like most of it was gone. I was at a large department store with my mother, trying to pretend there was nothing wrong with me, and suddenly started seeing this huge dark space in front of my eyes. I had to sit down on a display for 10-15 minutes, because I couldn't see anything. Thankfully, my vision returned completely. It was terrifying, and it's hard for me to believe I forgot about it until now. At the time I wasn't experiencing any edema which might account for the temporary vision loss.

    Do people tend to experience the same symptoms during repeat flares? When I was really bad I had arthralgias, hives, inability to eat, sweats, extreme fatigue, a rash, and the one time visual disturbance. The others are bad enough, but losing my sight for even such a short period of time was terrifying. Has anyone else experienced loss of vision? Do you think it is likely to happen again during a flare, since it happened to me before?

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    sorry i cannot answer conclusivelly.

    i have three times suffered vision loss.
    i was checked out by specialist, had wires placed everywhere to read my brain patterns.

    i was led to believe with me, it had something to do with pressure behind the eyes, across the nerves.

    everyone is different, so it could well be different for you.

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    Hi kmosa, I have.only had blurring of vision. That must have been horrible for you. As far as symptoms coming back, in truth this does happen to me. I started out with a mass in my lymph system. I had several episodes of that trying to come back. Then it moved to chest pain and kept showing up there. Then it moved to joint inflammation and kept showing up there. Each persons story is. So unusual and yet similar it seems.

    I try not to think about the what ifs because I can easily make myself sicker with worry. This disease is exhausting enough, so I try to stay positive. Bless you.

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    Hi Kmosa,

    I had loss of my vision when i was 17 and out with a friend in a night club took, it took 10mins for mine to return and never thought nothing of it at the time and it's funny you mentioning it because over the years i have double vision bad and blurring like Tammy.

    I'm adding this Link to do with vision loss connected with Lupus.

    Terry xxx
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