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Thread: Fibromialgia on top of Lupus, Hoshimotos, Raynauds. UGH!

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    I read that list that Shaztwirl linked to, and it seemed like a summation of nearly every possible AI symptom.
    So, is fibromyalgia sort of like mixed connective tissue disease - a conglomeration of a lot of other AI diseases?
    The docs just poked me in a few places and ruled it out.
    What if they made a survey of questions about all of those symptoms stated on that link? Don't you think a lot of us would answer yes to most of the questions?
    Seems as if a lot of us should be walking around with a fibro dx.

    Some of it also looks like it could easily be misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's in an older person, which makes me think of my mother and my aunt again.
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