My rhem called me yesterday and said that my bloodwork came back negative for lupus, even though I have the rash that has been there for 6 weeks now and my joints are hurting me like crazy, and have sores in my nose, and about 25 other things, when I went to see her she told me to get a eye exam even though I didn't think I had any problems with my eyes so I went today and had the exam, the doc noticed the rash on my face and asked what was going on I told him that my derm told me I had tumid lupus bit I have alot of other symptoms, then he did some tests on my eyes he told me I have severe dry eyes and put me on restasis, he told me my eyes are raw and I hardly make any tears,and I asked him what did he think caused this and he said he would bet money that I have sle, I told him my rhem just doesn't get it, as I was leaving he asked who my rhem was, I told him and as I walking out he told his secretary to get her on the phone he wanted to talk to her. The eye doctor gets it why doesn't the rhem?