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    Hello Mary,

    Well you daughter would'nt know better at 9yrs of age in her eyes she's just answering her dad but Alan should know better as it's like using your daughter as a go between to find out what he needs to.
    So really your doing what i was doing with my hubby, he noticed i'd lost weight when he came out of hospital but never said much because he knows i'd have had my answer for him straight away and actually stress can make you go off your food and you've got enough to send you that way.
    Arguing in an hospital is'nt nice when other ears are tuning in...he knows your worried about him but when a couple are close you do actually get this, although he's in there having seizure's and resting it does'nt stop him thinking about you and how your coping because in Alan eyes and with what he's gone through, he's most likely thinking i should'nt be going through this and also Mary which is true.

    See you've just admitted it you've gone through this over over a period of 5yrs and he's worried because when he's come out he's seen a change in his wife, it could be weight loss and also seeing stress your going through...he is concerned and worried about your health.

    I know it's hard and your stressed to bits but if it happens again walk away till next visiting time or go for a break to both give you breathers in betweeen.

    I do hope he's had none today and it is such a shame and alot of pressure for you both.

    All my love to you mary xxxxxxxxxxxx
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