Hi All well this is a new one Alan has now started having siezures quite small ones to begin with about 3 to 5 per day then they started getting worse and he was admitted to hospital during the night last last after 2 violent siezures one after the other.He then had another at 4.10am worse one yet and once again the doctors dont know whats causing them and when I asked if it could be Lupus attacking the brain they said they didnt know enough about Lupus to answer my question so I'm afraid its down to you guys again!!!! what do you all think has anyone else experienced siezures these only started last thursday 9th June never had a siezure before this in his life.God I hate this disease I pray a cure will be found so that you all can end what seems to be endless suffering and is it just me because im new to all this or does it feel sometimes like no-one cares what we're going through and that even the medical "professionals"(I use the term loosely) dont seem to care because they simply dont know enough about Lupus.!!!! Sorry just had to vent.
Love to All Mary.x.