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Thread: Siezures

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    Not been on for a while so thought id change with the seizures Alan still having between 8 and 15 per day we still havn't had the necessary tests done to find out if its a mis-diagnosis of Lupus or if its shunt nephritis we hate being in limbo like this the not knowing is killing us.They have stopped the chemo till they find out whats wrong for sure so thats 1 good thing I suppose.We are dealing with the steroid induced diabetes but once again its been hard for Alan to cope with yet another health complication.Anyway thats as much as I can tell you all for now hope everyone is well and you all have a happy healthy(as can be) Christmas and New Year will say it just now in case im not back on Luv M.x.

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    Thank you for posting this link! My Rheumy just referred me to a neurologist because I'm having a lot of neuro symptoms. This is really helping me understand what I am going through. Thank you
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