I went to my podiatrist today as I have Morton's neuroma in my right foot. I also have Raynauds and that complicates the treatment for the neuroma. I've had several cortisone injections which helps for about 3 mos and then the pain is back. It's causing my big toe to drift outwards. He doesn't want to do surgery until March or April when the weather warms up. Says I could potentially lose the foot if it gets an infection due to my poor circulation.

Anyway he had my try Procardia 10mg 2x a day a few months ago. I hate it because it makes me very flushed, feel dizzy although it does improve the circulation to my feet/hands. I also take a blood pressure med and he said he wants me to try the Procardia again. My current job requires me to be on my feet almost constantly. He said I need to find another job or I'm at risk to lose this foot. I get rashes often and he also said I'm at risk for gangrene. I'm just so sick of dr's, medications, and feeling like a guinea pig.

Has anyone else taken this medication for Raynauds???