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    Default Update on Glibby

    First of all, let me start off with an apology to those who were worried after I posted about my abdominal problems and didn't reply to them. That was crappy of me not to get back to you guys in a timely fashion and I sincerely apologize. I perhaps need to work on my social skills and know that there are people left in this world that are really kind and do care. I didn't mean to come off all dramatic like if I did. So, again I apologize to Gizmo, Terry, and the admins. I see from my last post you guys were monitoring to see if I logged on to make sure I wasn't laid up in a hospital somewhere. Also...a big thank you for caring. You don't really know me and it's truly nice to see people with good hearts whose intentions are good and pure. That means a lot, really. I just got so caught up in not feeling well, every time I would log on I'd have enough energy to reply to maybe one person and after that I was spent and really didn't feel like being on the computer anymore. Again, thank you. You guys rock my world and I hope to get to know you a lot better in the future. It's sooo nice to have people in your corner....something I have not had in awhile.

    1st update will be about the abdominal pain. I did go to my PCP after the pain started. I'm not really sure what to think about the visit. He palpated my abdomen and kept asking me if it hurt when he palpated my stomach. I told him absolutely not. It hurts in my belly button and there is pain on my left side. He kept saying he thinks it is the prednisone irritating my stomach because the pain came on almost overnight. As intelligent as I think he is, I will have to disagree with his I know my body and this is more than likely not the case although the pain came on all of the sudden and coincides with me taking the steroid. He also said, we have got to get you into a rheumy a lot sooner than this ridiculous Sept. 1 date..I am limited on what I can do for you until they run more blood tests. He sent me home with samples of some acid reducer which I knew wouldn't help. It didn't. I still don't know what the problem is but I know one thing that was aggravating whatever it is. Now we're all adults and this is gross but it's the way the body I'm over being embarrased. So...I'm going to be pretty blunt in my following thoughts. Men probably won't care to read on. lol Of course, I am taking narcotic pain killers and one of the side effects of these evil devil pills is constipation. Once I took steps to alleviate this problem....the pain was significantly reduced. Right now the pain in my abdomen is pretty mild....but I still know it is there which leads me to believe constipation is NOT the issue; it only aggravated the issue with my abdomen. Now that I have started my period my abdomen feels very heavy and the cramps are more painful than usual. I am now getting stabbing pains in my rectum(sorry, I don't know how else to put it. Gizmo would say "punched in the butt" lol) But to's more like being stabbed with a butcher knife in the butt. I'm not even trying to be funny. It hurts! This happens mostly when I sit down or try to have a bowel movement. Sooooo...I'm going to have to listen to my body on this one and say this is not a GI problem. I think this is a reproductive system problem. Not sure if it's a cyst, endometriosis, etc. It could be many things but in hindsight...I had these weird stabbing pains and feeling of heaviness with my last period. I think the ladies here would agree that this is not normal?

    2nd update: My PCP did get another appointment with another rheumy scheduled. It's a lot sooner than the original Sept 1st date. This appointment is on July 27th. I still have to wait another month and a half almost...but it's better than the alternative which is three whole months away. I have kept my options open and have decided not to cancel the Sept 1st appointment because I am on a waiting list to get the next appointment should someone cancel. Id no one cancel I will go to the other appointment scheduled in July as planned.

    3rd update: I went to my paim management doctor this past week and he basically wiped the slate clean and said we are going to start over at square one and he is going to try some different meds to see if he can curb the pain and keep me comfortable until the rheumy appointment. He seemed to be disappointed with the Sept 1 date also. He left the room after I told him how long the wait would be for the physician he referred me out to....and I heard him telling his MA to get that dr.'s office on the phone after lunch. He said a September date is unacceptable and he needs them to bump me up asap. I haven't heard back from them yet. He started me another muscle relaxer he said would work a bit different from others I have tried. He said it would help make the achey flu feeling I have a lot less noticable. It's zanaflex...and i'm convinced it is the devil in pill form as I feel drunk every time I take it. Not buzzed, but I just took 10 shots of tequila drunk. I have run into walls several times...seriously. And FORGET about driving or staying awake. I'm not sure of it works because I am never awake long enough after I take it to observe what it actually does. He also started me on diclofen potassium tablets for inflammation. He is keeping me on the Savella because we both feel it initially helped me in the beginning of all this junk starting. Then finally, he is keeping me on the hydrocodone for the days when the pain becomes unbearable. So far, since starting the new meds, I haven't felt as bad. But at the same time I believe the flare I was in started to subside the day before I saw the PM doc. I guess time will tell if they are really making a dent pain wise.

    I'm just hoping for a cancellation so I can get into a rheumy asap.

    Sooo, that's about it for an update. Patience is definitely something that is being practiced right now. It's wearing a bit thin as of late, though. I hope everyone is having a wonderful flare free as possible...and hopefully a bit of an energy boost too.


    I've learned the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.

    -Gilda Radner

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