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Thread: Plaquenil Baseline: One big FAT victory!!

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    Oh boy here's one for you..For some unknown reason{stupidity} I have allowed my ex husband and my husbands ex wife to be friends on my facebook. I have not let anyone on there know about my DX's for personal reasons except my ex mother in law, who i confided that i had gained over 50 pounds.. Wham, my ex's new wife[also on my facebook] automatically starts posting her entire diet and each time she loses a ounce! She once met me at a store and preceded to show me all the new diamonds he had bought her. Do you ever wonder if people are really that cruel or just plain stupid., Guess it's time to purge my Facebook again.

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    Well if that ah rubbing your face in it..what ah and you'd still think some respect would be shown from a grown woman.

    Craftkeeper there are some heartless people about but dow let it worry you mate and refering your weight you've got good reasons for it.

    Purge your facebook mate...that's one site i won't join, heard about the silly arguments that happens and every tom/dick and harry knowing.

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