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Thread: Plaquenil Baseline: One big FAT victory!!

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    Red face Plaquenil Baseline: One big FAT victory!!

    Since I was 14 and decided that everybody could just bite me, I've been excellent at being fat. Yeah, I said fat. I've taken "fat" back. I refuse to be overweight, obese, or (*horrible term alert*) morbidly obese. I pick fat. It's simple, like me.

    As anybody with a few extra pounds is well aware, there's a particular challenge posed to fat kids involved in any kind of medical care. I'm quite sure I couldn't even begin to count the number of times I've been told I'd be "better" if I lost a good 90 pounds. This cracks me up now, because one of the first indicators that something was wrong with me was when I lost 60 pounds in 3 1/2 months.

    Now, I totally get the arguement. I know being fat can impose havoc on my body. I know the extra pressure it puts on my joints. I know all the heart risks. But I also know that hating on fat people is one of the last acceptable forms of discrimination. I fight hard to avoid being stereotypical. I eat an anti-inflammatory diet, I walk whenever lupus lets me. I want to make it harder for people to tell me I should lose weight. What else do you want me to do? You can tie my stomach together the day I can sew your lips closed.

    So this little post is my joy moment. Finally, finally, being fat sorta pays off. I went to my eye doctor Thursday for my Plaquenil baseline test. I had know idea what I was heading into. I thought they might look around a bit, and be done. The process was actually much more complicated. As I sat in an old black leather chair waiting for my pupils to dilate the doc explained to me how plaquenil damages the eyes. He explained to me the importance of getting the baseline done as soon as possible. He told me that in his 16 years of practice he's only seen two patients be negatively affected by the drug. He's a small town guy, but this still made me feel better. Ok, here's the kicker:

    He then told me that the reason they asked for my weight in my paperwork was because weight, time, and dosage play a big role in the side effects of the drug. He told me that smallish people who take big doses for a longer period of time are way more likely to see changes than bigger people, even those taking 400mg a day like me.

    It's a small thing, I know. And some of you may know better than this eye doc the longterm effects of Plaquenil. But after years of my 267 pounds (cuz it's prednisone time, baby. I usually rock out at about 255) being something that I had to apologize to medical professionals for, I'm claiming this one as a victory. Thank you, each and every pound, for making it harder for Plaquenil to jack up my eyes.

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