Hi all,

Just wanted to share this interesting note with you, even as this is only like my 3rd post!

We all know the struggles with getting our symptoms taken seriously - but what do you do, when a licensed doctor basically lies to you about your lab results?

The first Rheumy I saw, (even with the flipping rash on my face, swelling my legs, wrists, rash on my body, mouth and nose ulcers, etc., etc ) after 3 appointments told me my "labs looked fine" and that he was going to send me to see an endocrinologist because thats where my fatigue was probably stemming from.

My vigilant, primary care (thank GOD for her) wouldnt accept this and sent me to another rheumy.

In my first appointment with the new rheumy (after a physical examination -which the 1st one never did- a complete medical history, talking with my neurologist, and primary care- AS WELL AS getting my labs from the 1st rheumy) concluded I have Lupus. AND, told me point blank the 1st rheumy MISLEAD ME to me about my labs - which had nearly all of the clinical signs pointing to a diagnosis of lupus.

Now, after the usual tests with the new rheumy, I maybe facing some serious problems.. and these 2 different dr's appointments were only 2 months apart.

Im not knocking doctors.. but, I want to encourage everyone reading this post that thinks their doctor isnt taking them seriously about their symptoms to definately get a second look. And be vigilant!