First rheumy appointment tomorrow. Typically by the middle to end of last week (after 4 weeks of felling bottom of the heap) I started to look and feel much better. Lack of symptoms and a negative ANA were worrying me, although I know I had my raised ESR as something to start with. So I did something very silly. I'm not advocating doing this but I panicked that the doctor would just try to brush me aside. So I went out in the sun with no protection. Just did the normal routine school run and a bit of shopping. Didn't sunbathe or anything. About 30 minutes and it's done the trick. By yesterday the bus had been back and run over me. All the aches and pains are back with avengeance! And as if on cue today, my face, chest and hands have broken out in a rash. Like I said, I wouldn't recommend that anyone do this but I feel as if I can walk into my appointment and say to the doctor "look at me!"