Hello all, Im Kristen, and going through the diagnosis process right now. My dentist actually recomended that I talk to my PCP about my horrendous mouth sores, thinking that I had pemphagiod. She did some blood work, and it came back with a positive ANA about 1:1300 (I think thats how you write it). She refered me to a rhematologist (which of course took 3 weeks about about 20 phone calls).

The rhemy was actually really good. I couldnt pronounce her name, but she did a very thorough examination, all my joints, scalp, eyes, gums, even my cuticles!! They took about 8 more gallons of blood (and it took 4 stabs to get it, I've NEVER had that problem before). I do have a very slight rash across my nose, and I suffer from extreme exhoustion. (and bad spelling) My joints always hurt, and Im always cold. No matter what. My toes and fingers are usually blue or white with it. I never thought much of it before, because my mother is the same way. (which of course is now making her think she may have Lupus too). I guess it is odd to have such pain and only be 22, or have to sleep 9 or 10 hours a night, with my eyes barely open through the day.

Anyway, Dr. Whatshername called my parents (Im away at graduate school) to say she had the results and to have me call her back. Well, I did. I've left 4 messages, three with machines, and two with people. NO one seems to know what is going on know. I guess I should have expected that since everything else went so well. Now i am SOOO frustrated. Im going out of my mind with worry, I feel like I cant do anything because I'll miss the phone ringing. I feel like time is at a crawl, I cant do anything until i get this phone call, and until someone figures out who I am and where my results are, that isnt very likely.

So, sorry about the long introductory rant. i'll try to be happier more often . Thanks for reading, and I wish everyone a happy day!!