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Thread: Taking advantage of brain fog

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    Default Taking advantage of brain fog

    My darling daughter strikes again! My brain fog has gotten increasingly worse the past 6 months. I have ways of dealing with it so it doesn't bother me too much with the exception of MY DARLING DAUGHTER. She's going to college to be a psychologist. No surprise there as she's always enjoyed messing with people's minds, especially mine. Her latest stunt is to swear she told me something I swear she didn't and she'll blame it on my brain fog. I'm not THAT foggy! So far it hasn't been a big deal but heaven help her is she tries to pull one on me that is a big deal... My prayer for her is that someday she has children just as sneaky and conniving as she is!

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    I know exactly how you feel. My 18 yr old is always loosing patience with me because I forget what she tells me. Last night she came out with a new outfit to ask me if it is OK to wear out to dinner with her friends on Friday night, and then only ten minutes later I had to ask her what she is doing on Friday night. AND I did this a number of times.

    Later on last night I started to tell my daughter some teacher jokes I was telling my students yesterday. She told me I had already told her the jokes the day before. I know my memory isn't that bad, because I would have remembered her telling me that my jokes were so pathetic, which she always says they are. So I started to tell her the jokes, and she knew all the punch lines.

    I am not sure if she is playing with my mind, and already knew the jokes, and pretended that I had told them to her. OR if I really did tell her the jokes and forgot I told her. Anyway, she won that fight, either she tricked me and she won, or I did tell her the jokes and she won. Either way, my daughter won that fight, I think I might have to really concentrate a lot more on our conversations with her. Or I will have a hidden camera and find out what our conversations were about so I there can't be any possibilities of being tricked again. mmmm something to think about.
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    My son brought home a note from school yesterday . . . a don't forget that Friday is no uniform day to raise funds for materials for a school in Africa kind of note. Now I have June's diary on my fridge with all the important dates at school and the parties he's going to. There's nothing about a no uniform day. But this note was deffo a reminder! My son was insistent that I'd been told! It was quite a relief to talk to my friend later who asked me if I'd got a reminder cos she didn't get the first note either! Damn school trying to trick me!

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