Morning sharon,

It's hot here already but you won't see me out in it. If you do go out just be careful and watch for any signis of irritation and if you do break in a flare and have a camera take some shots of it and show the rheumo, my rheumo just see's it on me so pointless doing
Well i am pleased you got a good rest, lack of sleep can cause affects with anything linked with Lupus to make you feel worse, i started the plaquenil again lastnight so lets see how that goes again and besides my other meds, valium ontop and i've woke with a right headache.

Yesterday was a nightmare my dermo said my bloods matched for the skin trouble to take Dapsone, then i told him i'd been on the phone to the sister asking for methotrexate which the other doctor's think would be better than plaquenil, he said i can't start you on this med because plaquenil works for both SLE/Skin trouble but i think the same as your other specialist the Methotrexate would be better in surpressing your immune system regarding my SLE, so he had me go to Rheumo and the specialist said i was to stop on the plaquenil and if it made me bad again to pull off it, then i had to go back and tell the Dermo he said ok and i'll see you in 3mths time but in the meantime i'm having a word with him.

So it's seeing how it goes mate again. xxx