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Thread: Operation happening

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    Update on what's happened since my operation

    I've just phoned the Gyno department and spoke to a sister, told her about me losing blood then going to discharge which smells very strong and i said the surgeon said after 2 days it would stop, she said no we've known women go 2wks to a month before finally losing the filth which comes from that operation, so there's nothing left there to lose anymore.

    She's told me to give it another week and if it's the same i'm to phone my GP's and make an appointment to have a swab test done to see if i have an infection because she said Lupus can cause that quicker than anything else and the doctor will put me on antibiotic's to remove it if i have one.
    I told her how i can't feel my uterus at the top like before and how i had a shower and sprayed me below and i feel hollow at the top, she said the Novasure through burning makes the lining of the uterus very thin and this is what i'm feeling but not to worry as the lining is still there.

    So i'll wait another week and see how things go (IT'S ALWAYS A WAITING PROCESS) lol
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