Hi Everyone as mentioned above my partner Alan was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis SLE stage 4. I have to say it was good to finally get a diagnosis to all his symptoms however we had never heard of Lupus (except on House)!!! so we left the hospital not really worried as his doctor never even explained it to us or how serious it is. That all changed when we came home and googled then we were worried.!! The Lupus is just another thing to deal with on top of everything else that has happened to him as he was involved in a motorcycle accident in Nov 2006 where he sustained muliple injuries he broke his neck in 2 places C1 & C6 he fractured his sternum broke both his hands tore the main artery(Aorta) in his heart and completely smashed his left leg up this has been re-built twice since. So as I said we've had our fair share of worry and ill health already he got diagnosed with Kidney failure in 2008 stage 3 however its taken the doctors till now to diagnose Lupus as he's been too ill to do a kidney biopsy on. Anyway I am so glad i found this forum while researching and I appologise in advance if I use this site to "Vent" once in a while or ask questions etc but we are still trying to get our heads round all this.
Thanks Mary.