I just came across a drug that really works and I only take it when I feel the "lupus headache" and extreme aches and pains that asprin doesn't help.

I had been on Prednisone for 9 months and finally my DR said I had to get off it because of the long term affects and because I was so young. I have been taking Plaquenel since my diagnosis last Feb. which I still continue to take. Once I tappered off the Prednisone because my lupus is active the Dr wanted me to go on Imuran. After researching it I was quite scared of the cancerous affects and thought I would just change my lifestyle a bit and try to manage my lupus through alot of daily rest and exercise etc.. I talked to my Dr and told her I am not going to go on Imuran if it won't harm my body aside from me putting up with the aches and pains. I also asked her if theirs a medication out there that I can take ONLY when I feel a flare coming on or experience one. She perscribed me something that is new to Canada called Tramacet. I have tried it 3 different times and the next day after taking it I had felt 90% better (when usually my flares would last atleast 3-4 days before I started feeling somewhate energized to even get out of bed). I hope it continues to be that way because I'd rather take as little medications as possible.

I hope this helps you guys aswell.