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Thread: A Newbie with a Gross question...

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    I think Lupus and IBS must be hand in hand diseases. I've had IBS for years and you really have to be prepared no matter what the occasion. I also have GERD. I have so many foods that I've had to give up, it's just sad. If I'm going to visit someone, I usually bring my own food. To think I spent nearly 30 years constipated on now I consider it a vacation to have that! It's not gross, it's just a part of our life now. Frankly, I think my side effects from the prednisone are worse with my waddle chin and excess weight! Funny thing is that the prednisone actually helps my IBS. Anyway, God bless and ask anything. There is probably nothing that we all haven't been through before.

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    Hi Robyn,

    I was told i had IBS with muscle spasm cramps but since then they've found nerve damage, so i won't finally know till i've been looked at again, i do wish you all the best where it's concerned because the pain can be so stressful.

    Hugs Terri xxx
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