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Thread: INSURANCE HELP and a little ranting

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    Default INSURANCE HELP and a little ranting

    I was just diagnosed in April and I've been taking MTX, Prednisone, Plaquenil, etc.... I have tons and tons of headaches all the time, my body aches (especially now that I'm taking down prednisone -- does this stop any time soon??), my stomach is upset, I'm in pain, I'm extremely fatigued and I always feel like I have a fever (I'm cold, but I'm warm and I have chills) but my thermometer says that I don't. Oh Yeah! I can't sleep either...

    I have recently graduated college. I lost my health insurance, and for the first time since I was 15 I'm unemployed. (Partly because I couldn't work and go to school and have lupus, and partly because I hated my job). So now, I'm a recent grad looking for work without health insurance. Last week, my trip to rite-aid cost me $292.94... I'm also going to need blood work soon. Does anyone have any advice? I have been turned down by regular insurance carriers and I can't afford "Hi Risk" insurance.... HELP!

    I'm exhausted.....
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    Insurance is a struggle. Does California have a Medicaid program that you can tap into? Call your local unemployment office, if they aren't the ones that handle it, they should know who to call. You should be able to get SOME help with meds and doc visits through the state.

    Oh I so understand the pain and fatigue! We all do, actually. Your meds may help regulate a lot of that, over time. It sadly takes a while to take effect (Wouldn't it be nice if it just - ZAP! - was fixed as soon as you swallow the pill?)

    Read the posting on vegetarian diet - that has helped many. Staying away from high fat, saturated fats, can help many of us. Taking fish oil or flax oil to increase omegas, and getting your rest.

    Sadly, you're at a high stress point in your life right now. Stress can be so difficult to manage - do what you can to "take it in stride" and let the stress flow away from you.

    AND....I wouldn't do my job as HATLADY if I didn't remind you to stay OUT of the sun. Hats - 4" or wider brim and ones that you can't see through (no lacy straw hats!), wear sunscreen - spf 30 or higher - under your long sleeved shirts. Reapply appropriately. Sun can lead to flares and more pain -

    Hugs dear - and welcome to a place where we ALL understand, support each other and care about each other. I hope you'll be able to visit and post often. It is such a help to have people who understand!

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