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    The late great George Burns once recorded a song called "18 Again" Oh how he wished he was 18 again. No thank you. Yesterday my 18 year old daughter moved back home after living with boyfriend 6 months. It was all very dramatic. Guy dumps girl. Guy claims he just doesn't lover her anymore. Girl crushed. Girl just knows it is the end of the world and she'll NEVER love again. Mom and Dad assure girl that isn't true. Girl doesn't believe them... Mom and Dad load of 3 vehicles with girl's stuff, leaving boy without much (too bad for him, not). Girl now moving into what was big brother's room, redecorated into amazing guest room as girl's old room was turned into a walk in closet. Guess what I'll be doing most of the week? Besides passing out from exhaustion at the end of the day... Getting 3 vehicles unloaded, scavenging lots of boxes, sorting packing and rearranging. Spoons will be flying out the window. Fortunately, darling daughter is conscientious of my health and will probably wrangle up friends to help in the endeavor, leaving me to hopefully stand by and supervise. However, I will take the opportunity to have a serious sort and purge fest of my own. The ends will justify the means!
    I gotta tell you my fellow lupies, I absolutely adore my daughter. One of the most amazing people I'll ever know, but listening to her and what she is going through as a normal teenager, I wouldn't trade a guaranteed cure for Lupus to be 18 again!

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    I agree! My teens and early twenties were not shining times in my life. No way I would want to go back there again! Good luck to you during this new (old?) time!

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    ~Winston Churchill~

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    LOL - we've been through this!
    Our kids moved back in with reinforcements. My oldest daughter was the only one who moved out and stayed out.
    One daughter moved in with a husband, a stepson, had a new baby and bought the boys a puppy. When they moved out, the dog stayed! When they divorced, she moved back in with the baby. Finally, she re-married happily and left for good, but the dog stayed!
    A younger daughter had a baby with a jerk and we had to "rescue" her, so she and the baby moved in with us. She ran a home daycare in my house while she lived there! She kept giving "the jerk" chances, and moved in and out a few times.
    The son came back from Iraq and moved back in, bringing a puppy with him. When he got a great job in another city, he left, but the dog stayed!
    The youngest daughter moved back from college and was teaching dog training. Our house had a never-ending parade of puppies, kittens and even a momma bunny and her babies.
    When she got married and moved out, we cleaned out the house, rented it to friends and moved to another state!
    I'm loving living in a smaller place. I still hear about every little problem that the kids have, but at least, their problems are no longer a part of my everyday life.

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    How funny..well not the part about you losing spoons, but the part about how tragic she thinks her life is. I am sure that we, at that age, viewed our world with such finite tragedy. As parents, it is so hard for us to tell them that they will love again, that what they are going through is so very age appropriate, and that their world has not come to an end. Those of us, who have had daughters, remember ourselves at that age and realize that we will have to help our daughters through these times; not just once, but perhaps several times before they themselves realize that those moments were, in fact, just teenage growing pains. A time, in their lives, that is meant to prepare them for making adult relationship decisions when they become women
    I hope that your daughter does enlist the help of some of her friends so that you do not lose too many spoons. Please take care of yourself and I wish both you and your daughter the very best :_)

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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