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Thread: Hi! New to forum, new to Lupus!

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    Default Hi! New to forum, new to Lupus!

    I haven't been diagnosed, am in the researching stage and finding it hard to get any answers when I would love to discuss things. Getting any type of explanation to my medical 'issues' has always been a challenge to say the least. Hope it's ok to be here!

    I'm CJ, 28, and a single mother of two school aged children living in a rural area of Western Australia. Life isn't always easy, and I would love an explanation as to why. I have suffered from chronic fatigue and permanent headaches since I was 12. Frequent periods of anaemia, and always excess protein in urine (also had hydronephrosis and pylonephritis) I also have reasonably well controlled hypertension (high dose of anti-hypertensives) with unknown cause (I am healthy weight, no other risk factors present). However with exercise it becomes unstable with extreme dips and highs I am unable to control, to the point of passing out. Despite my young age and fitness levels, I have suffered 5 miscarriages, again for unknown reasons. Then there is the 'dermatitis' that covers my face at times, the arthritis in my wrists, the constant battles dealing with chronic pain (on endep and take endone for breakthrough) it just seems never ending.

    The lethargy, permanently sick with *something* is depressing (which I also have a diagnosis of, naturally!) and I feel like there has to be an underlying cause. It was research into a couple of symptoms that I came upon Lupus, and thought what better place to start than a I cant get into my GP for another 5 weeks.

    I would love to chat about it all. Would also be more than happy to hear "sorry, you're in the wrong place! Sounds like you have xyz...and there is a magical pill that will fix EVERYTHING!" so by all means
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