Hi Everyone

As mentioned above my partner was diagnosed in April 2011 and i want to find out as much as i can about this disease how it will affect him,myself and our family and way of life so that i can help him get through this as best i can.My partner is Alan age 48 he was diagnosed with CKD stage 3 in 2008 prior to 2006 he was a very fit very healthy very active man with over 20 years work experience in the sports industry qualified Gym instructor,qualified swimming instructor black belt in Shoto budo karate past tri-athlete on 4/11/06 he was involved in a motorcycle accident where he sustained multiple injuries he broke his neck in 2 places C1 & C6 he broke both his hands fractured his sternum smashed his left leg (which has been re-built twice) and tore the main artery (aorta) in his heart i was told to say my goodbyes at 4am but miraculously he pulled through but things havnt been easy he can walk a little using a walking stick and when outdoors he uses a wheelchair as mentioned above he was diagnosed with Lupus nephritis SLE stage 4 in April 2011 he was given a kidney biopsy in Jan 2011 the reason it took so long is because his consultant had to get his blood pressure under control before she was able to do biopsy anyway i have joined your forum as i want to be able to help him with this as best i can i found your forum while researching Lupus on google but who best to teach me than people who already have been diagnosed or people like me who are caring for someone who is suffering we know absolutely nothing about Lupus he has been put on Mycophenolate 250mg twice daily we believe he is going to be put on steroids and is now having weekly bloods done at hospital any info/help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Mary.x